Luxury White Boudoir Corner Dressing Table Dresser Cosmetic Jewellery Mirror Set

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Product Details

This modern white dressing table makes the daily make-up routine a pleasure. 
The linear appearance makes the dressing table a stylish piece of furniture that will enhance any room. 
Quality workmanship and clever design complete the work of art. 
The practical dressing table also impresses with great functionality. 
Its spacious drawers and large work top offer enough space and storage for all your beauty products. 

  • Elegant, white dressing table 
  • 5 large drawers offer sufficient storage space for your jewellery and cosmetics
  • 3 piece mirror
  • Large worktop
  • Comfortable corner solution

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD):
Side dimension dressing table:
78.5cm x 90° x 78.5cm

Worktop: 110x54cm (WxD)
Height to worktop: 75.5cm
Total height: 141.5cm

Mirror dimensions: 
42x62cm (WxH) - large mirror
28.2x62cm (WxH) - 2x small mirror

5 drawers
1 compartment under the tabletop
2 small compartments (side mirrors)
3-piece mirror

Colour: white, matte

Material thickness body: 16mm
Material thickness table top: 22mm

Easy assembly






• Elegant design and high quality craftsmanship. 
• Sturdy ,durable cellular board and stainless steel construction. 
• Stable and sturdy construction. 
• A wonderful addition to any family room, living room, bedroom and office. 
• Multifunctional use. 
• Books, magazines, notebook etc could be put on it for work and study. 
• Shape adjustable through pivot. 
• High gloss PVC blister processing on surface. 
•Horizontal 1-360 degree placement through turn plate. 
• Stain resistant, easy cleaning and assembly.



Package Contents:



Dressing table

Stool is not included!

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